Monday, October 3, 2011

Hudson River Day Line Models

                          Steamboat ROBERT FULTON approaching New York City c.1950

The Hudson River Day Line was one of the most recognized steamboat lines in New York's industrialized maritime. This historic organization was established in 1856 by Van Santvoord when he purchased the steamer ALIDA -followed by sidewheelers ARMENIA and DANIEL DREW to control the dayboat monoply between Albany and New York City.

                            ROBERT FULTON c.1950  -Detail, Port View...wood model

By the end of 1863, operating as passenger-only vessels, these boats established what was known as the Hudson River Day Line. This service continued until 1948.

The models that I've built and, continue to build, celebrate this Line known during it's heydey as "The Great White Fleet". These are one-of-a-kind collectibles that are rarely seen in today's maritime venues or the Hudson Valley where they once travelled.

Plans are obsolete for these steamboats; yet, I have been able to research and produce these models with the assistance of those former personages who were once affiliated with these vessels -either as owners, authors or collectors.

   DayLiner HENDRICK HUDSON  c.1943

I have used various scales of modelbuilding in pursuit of bringing an era of maritime history to our present day  viewers/ collectors.

These quality pieces have garnished museum collections, boardrooms, homes and vacational resorts throughout the Northeast.

The Day Line era has only been one generation away from ceasing when the last American steamboat ALEXANDER

HAMILTON made her last trip up the Hudson River from New York City to Bear Mountain in 1971 -ending the era of that great line.

                      Day Line Steamboat WASHINGTON IRVING c.1913,  Wood Model

                                 Day Line Steamboat ALEXANDER HAMILTON c.1959
                                      Scale 3/32" = 1' , Wood Model -Scratchbuilt

These models, which have become sentimental to those who knew the vessels, are still produced today in greater detail and scope. They are a legacy to America's past and gives tribute to our great Industrial Age.

As a builder and artist, I've been fortunate to have had the experience to study, research and produce these models, firsthand. To know that the Hudson River was once graced with these beautiful steamboats of times past.

For more information about commissioning a fine quality Hudson River or Northeast steamboat model email: or call 1-774-757-7137. You may also visit

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