Thursday, September 29, 2011

Building The Steamboat -The Beginning

It started some thirty years ago on the shores of the Hudson River in Albany, New York. I built my first steamboat model of the MARY POWELL for a business executive's Boardroom. From there the journey began where, to date, more than one hundred models have left my studios between New York and Massachusetts.

Many collectors have inquired as to how I could be so definative with these timeless miniatures, especially those post-modern vessels of the famous Hudson River Day Line, to name a few. It has been an interesting journey to have met authors, collectors, steamboat owners and personnel of that period where information was exchanged.

I have learned over the years that these became highly sought after and I expanded on the subject matter to research steamboats of every possible vintage from walking beam sidewheel to propellor. Many types operated on the river, re: towboats, dayboats and nightboats. All had a unique appearance about them and it was a challenge to build; however, I successfully made these custom pieces and became the forerunner in the Hudson River Valley.

Today, many of my works in are collections all over the United States and in some foreign countries. I'm overwhelmed with how the work is received by those who respect the Hudson River. It's encouraging to know that models can be made of these vessels that once ran between New York City and Albany, New York -including the City of Troy.
The photo that is shown is a model I built of the TROY as she appeared in 1840. One of many early types that ran on the river. Below is a model of a nightboat, the ST. JOHN of 1865 which show a different appearance of a steamboat which has more cabin area for those travelling the river at night for sleeping.

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